We offer Boat and Yacht detailing services, including the application of AGlaze Japan premium super hydrophobic products.


We are mobile and can come to you anywhere in the Vancouver area and islands!


Service includes warranty.


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All our products are environmentally friendly.



Step 1 - Cleaning (Depend service you choose):


  • We wash perfectly your yacht from the bow has the stern

  • Black streaks removed. Black streaks appear on fiberglass when yacht are expose on sun since too long without protection

  • We wash your canvas to remove maximum mold and mildew

  • We wash clear plastic and windows

  • We remove rust and black tracks


We do this first to prevent any future tracks on waxed or coated area.

Step 2 – Oxidation Removing:


  • Surface area must dry or be dry by hand

  • Oxidation removing with professional polisher and compound

  • Wash all area to prepare for coating

Step 3 – Polishing, Finishing, Coating:

  • Surface area must dry or be dry by hand

  • Put hyper compound on surface with polisher and polishing pad to have regular coat everywhere

  • Polish with professional polisher when is at right time to do (dry enough, temperature, homogeneous)

  • Rub all surfaces with OPTI COAT Microfiber

  • Depend the boat, prefer to apply two coats also we apply coating on all windows

Step 4 – Finishing:

  • Vinyl treatment protection

  • Canvas Fabric Guard

  • Plastic cleaner protector

  • Windows cleaning

  • Stainless steel shinning


  • Ceramic coating

  • Interior Cleaning and Detailing

  • Exterior Cleaning and Detailing

  • Oxidation Removal

  • Waxing

  • Polishing and Finishing

  • Glass Protection Treatment

  • Restoration for Resale

  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Railing Polish

  • Canvas Cleaning

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Glass & Polycarbonate Protection


The AGlaze silicon free Crystal Vision glass cleaner and sealant gives a hydrophobic coating that has oil and water repellent properties. Glass becomes easy to clean and on windscreens AGlaze Crystal Vision reduces the need to use windscreen wipers as water simply beads and runs off the screen.

On larger vessels windows are being cleaned with vinegar or other acid based cleaners – Crystal Vision stops the need to use these as previously hard to clean dirt, grime, calcium build up, salt and soiling are easier to remove once the glass has been treated.

Some glass may look like it is beyond repair and will never sparkle however AGlaze products are able to rectify this problem leaving the surface ready to be sealed with Crystal Vision.


Stainless Steel Protection

AGlaze stainless steel sealant when applied to polished or brushed stainless bonds to the surface to create a protective barrier.

Stainless before and after using our stainless-steel polish and sealant.

The maintaining of a sealed surface becomes a lot less time consuming without the need for abrasive products to keep the area clean. If the stainless has already oxidized, it can be brought back to a shine using our metal polish and then the stainless-steel sealant.



AGlaze Teak care System:

AGlaze product has been specially formulated for us by Teak specialists. This new system can be used on any teak decking or furniture. Grey, dull areas can now be transformed back to its original form when new.


Process 1

A cleaning solution which will clean deep into the surface of the teak without harming the timber.

Process 2

A neutralizing solution is then applied to finish the cleaning process and neutralizing process. The deck is then washed with fresh water and allowed to thoroughly dry.


All teak products including garden furniture, decking, flooring etc can be cleaned to look brand new. Products can be diluted where teak is not in bad condition but needing to be freshened up.

The following will also be required: Rubber gloves, green scouring pads and a stiff brush.

Before and After :


Super Yachts


Marine AGlaze has developed a Superyacht Glaze which is used for painted surfaces only. Our aim is to protect the painted surfaces which have an extremely thin layer of paint as well as enhance the finish thus reducing maintenance costs throughout the season. This is totally different from our regular AGlaze sealant as it has been tested by large paint manufacturers for warranty purposes.

Superyachts of this nature are normally chartered and always need to be looking their best at all times. AGlaze can achieve this after one application with a top up inspection annually.




The Marine Surface Sealant is a silicon-free fluoro-polymer resin providing protection for painted and GRP surfaces from common causes of degradation – ultra violet light, atmospheric pollution, acid rain and bird lime.

AGlaze is fast, easy and foolproof to use and is water cured. It bonds to the paint surface creating a protective-coating. (Flexible enough to withstand 9” in flight expansion and contraction of Concorde).