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Adam’s Graphene Ceramic Coating Advanced  Richmond BC
Adam’s Graphene Ceramic Coating Advanced Vancouver BC

The cost of Paint Protection Film


The cost of Ceramic Coating Gtechniq 

Adam’s Graphene Ceramic Coating™ Advanced is an easy-to-use Ceramic Coating that can be seen where applied using the Adam’s UV Flashlight and our patent-pending UV Tracer Technology™. With improved characteristics, this coating is appropriate to add long-lasting, extreme self-cleaning effects for single-stage and clear-coated, painted surfaces, glass, plastic trim, polycarbonate, rubber moulding, and wheels with a single bottle.

10H Hardness, 9+ Years of Protection

  • 50% Increased Coating Resin Over Graphene Ceramic Coating™

  • Inclusion of Additional Silicate Resin for Added Durability and Longevity

  • Less prone to water spotting

  • Higher stain resistance against bugs, saps, droppings, etc.

  • Higher scratch resistance during the washing process

  • Increased depth and clarity to all surfaces

  • Lower sliding angle with water evacuating at angles less than 10-15°

  • Higher contact angles averaging more than 110-118°

  • Patent Pending, UV Tracing Technology™

  • Free to apply to all Painted Surfaces, Glass, Headlights, Chrome, Trim, Wheels, and even Bed Liners!


  • Hand Wash 

  • Clay bar chemical decontamination  

  • Paint Polishing 

  • Cleaning and polishing metal surfaces 

  • Adam’s Graphene Ceramic Coating™ Advanced applies to all paintwork, chrome and plastic 

  • All metal surfaces covered 

  • All exterior glass covered  

  • 9 Years warranty 

  • Approximate running time: 2 - 3 Days

Adam’s Graphene Ceramic Coating™ Advanced


Small Car






Extra Large


Graphene Ceramic Coating Vancouver BC
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Ceramic PRO Vancouver
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Graphene Ceramic Coating Advanced Richmond BC

Adam’s Graphene Ceramic Coating™ Advanced

What is Graphene Ceramic Coating? 

Shield your vehicle paint from UV fading, debris etching, rust, chemical stains and more. Get the deep color and gloss of a ‘new car look’ while eliminating the need for regular waxing.

Superhydrophobic coating!

Advanced formula for even more gloss. Increased thickness of each layer. Better UV protection.

Graphene Ceramic Coating Advanced Surrey BC
Graphene Ceramic Coating™ Advanced Surrey
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