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Optimum Gloss-Coat can be used on paint, wheels, metal surfaces and even plastic trim for long term protection. Optimum Gloss-Coat is the latest generation, semi-permanent coating from Optimum Polymer Technologies that will provide the user with an amazing level of gloss and slickness from the paint work and durability of 1 years.

Gloss-Coat produces an extremely hydrophobic finish that will bead water wash after wash, for years just like a freshly waxed vehicle only better! The advanced formulation of Optimum Gloss-Coat also delivers increased anti-water spotting properties important for long term coating maintenance.

Oversized vehicles may require additional ceramic coating.

Ceramic Coating Vancouver


  • Hand Wash

  • Clay bar chemical decontamination.

  • Paint Polishing

  • Cleaning and polishing metal surfaces.

  • Optimum Gloss-Coat applies to all paintwork, chrome and plastic.

  • All exterior glass covered with Optimum– Glass Coat (Anti-Rain)

  • 1 Years durability

  • Approximate running time: 1 Day

ceramic coating for cars Vancouver opti coat



Small Car


Medium/Large Car or SUV


Large SUV or Pick Up


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