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We are RDI

RDI Detailing is the First Certified

Opti-Coat  & Gtechiq Ceramic Coating Service In Vancouver!

Prevents swirl marks, scratching, fading due to UV.

Superhydrophobic coating!


Up to 9 year warranty.

Our projects

When we do our auto detailing in Vancouver, we aren’t just cleaning your car or spiffing it up. Our aim is to increase the value of your car with the services we offer. We believe that regular maintenance and vehicle protections pay off - far more than the cost, or time, it takes to do them. Our help with auto detailing investments happen in two main ways: interior and exterior car restoration or protection.

For brand new car owners, we prevent all auto interior and exterior body parts from losing their shine and ‘newness’ as long as possible. That also means fewer washings, more windshield visibility and reduced polishing or waxing visits.

For used car owners, we help clean, restore, replace and protect the vehicle’s visual parts. This can be as involved as installing a new convertible car top, coupled with new factory-matched leather upholstery. Or, it can be as simple as a thorough, professional cleaning of the car, with minor fixes of tears and leaks. We believe that enhancing and preserving the appearance of the car can be just as important as functionality when considering upkeep costs and resale value.

The same way you’d replace your roof and clean your home routinely, keeping a car in tip-top shape can enhance its appearance and preserve its market value. In some cases, it can prevent damage to the vehicle (from rust, mould, dust and more).