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                                                                What is auto detailing?
Auto detailing refers to a package of cosmetic services that includes car washing, surface polishing, dry cleaning of the cabin and sealing the body with protective compounds. Each part of the vehicle is subjected to thorough treatment with a wide range of high-quality materials and professional tools.
We may say that auto detailing is a kind of culture, a whole philosophy of looking after a vehicle, be it a car, motorcycle, boat, yacht or a helicopter.
Auto detailing is rapidly developing and gaining momentum in Canada every year, which is why we'd like to tell you more about it here.
What are the auto detailing facilities
Auto detailing operations are performed in clean and well-equipped workshops with proper illumination and air-conditioning. Those facilities are generally called auto detailers. Since auto detailing services aim at customers' satisfaction, it's important for the workshop to be neat, clean and stylish.
Who is an auto detailer
An auto detailer is a well-trained, disciplined, responsible and high-level professional who knows how to treat all parts of a vehicle and is happy in his work.

The cost of Paint Protection Film
The cost of Ceramic Coating 
Auto Detailing Services
Car washing refers to the gradual removal of dirt from the surface of a vehicle. This is the most intricate cleaning procedure that aims primarily at restoring the vehicle's look when it's already been through all other auto detailing operations. Thus, car washing is required in order to keep the car in good condition.
Surface polishing isn't just some mindless elimination of scratches. One should keep in mind that the lacquer coating is the car's main sealing layer, and it may be damaged during the deep scratch treatment, leaving the vehicle unprotected. This is when the auto detailer is to exhibit utmost care for his client's vehicle by adhering to the main principle that "no lacquer, no life". Surface polishing is one of the most difficult detailing operations, and the detailer runs a high risk of ruining the varnish if he doesn't consider a lot of factors involved.
Sealing in auto detailing refers to applying a large number of various kinds of coatings. The main function of this is to protect the vehicle's surface from the environment. The sealants also give the car a glossy shine and possess hydrophobic and other useful properties.
Even though anti-rain is just another kind of protective coating, it is worth highlighting separately. If correctly applied to glazing, given proper preparations and the use of double compounds, this hydrophobic coating can have a long life and make driving comfortable under any weather conditions.
Paint Protection Film in Vancouver BC
PPF is a contemporary auto detailing service that protects the lacquer coating from environmental impact better than anything else does, which is the reason it is so popular nowadays.

Ceramic Coating Vancouver RDI Detailing
CarPro Ceramic Coating Vancouver BC
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EXTERIOR Detailing

  • Vehicle properly pressure washed

  • Hand washed with a gentle wash formula, chamois dried

  • Wheel arches cleaned

  • Mag wheels waxed with Gtechiq Wax or Ceramic Coating

  • Door jambs cleaned

  • Tar, bugs and contamination removed from paint with Power Clean and Ferrex by Gtechniq

  • Paintwork polished with Intensive Gtechniq polish  / Hyper compound

  • Exterior moldings cleaned and polished

  • Windows cleaned streak free, Gtechniq-Glass Clean & Protect applied



Protection package 


from $399

Convertible top treatment

from $195

Basic polishing

from $350


from $195

Hard water spot removal

from $95 per hour

We only use professional equipment and products.


You can also add Gtechniq Ceramic Coating 

protection solutions!

10H Superhydrophobic coating!

Paint Correction



Small Car

$500 - 800

Medium Car 

$600 - 1200

Large Car

$800 - 1600

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EXTERIOR Detailing

Restore your car’s ‘factory look’ with the ultimate cleaning and conditioning of its surfaces

There’s a reason you can buy ‘new car smell’ fresheners. People love the feeling of a car that has just driven off the lot of a dealership. Our auto detailing and cleaning service in Vancouver can give your ride that same effect. According to CNN Money, you can sell your car for up to $500 more just by cleaning it, let alone giving it this type of treatment.

Full detailing Includes all detailing options of exterior and interior treatments.



Full exterior detailing sedan

from $350

Full exterior detailing SUV or Van

from $550

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INTERIOR Protection​​

We only use professional equipment and products

interior Ceramic Coating:



Protection package GtechniFabric/Leather


Front seats coating


Rear seats coating


Dash/door panels coating


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