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Opti - Coat: antistatic weatherproof coating for protecting your car

Opti - Coat is an antistatic weatherproof coating based on silicone carbide particles.
When applied correctly, it provides effective protection of automotive paint from water and contamination, significantly extending the life of the vehicle and reducing your maintenance costs. Body covered Opti- Coat, glitters and sparkles in the same way as if he had just been polished and waxed, only the effect of nanoceramics persists for much longer - up to 7 years.

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How Opti-Coat differs from analogs and why we chose this particular product

The original Opti Coat Ceramic contains silicon carbide (SiC) particles with a 99.9% purity formula. This is quite a high figure, while on average, manufacturers of liquid glass for cars rarely add more than 50% of this component to their products. Due to the concentrated SiC content, the layer can repel not only water and dirt but also prevent the formation of micro-scratches (not deep scratches) on surfaces coated with Opti-Coat  paint protection.

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Unlike vinyl lamination, Opti-Coat can be applied not only to a car body but also to wheels, headlights, glass, parking lights, plastic surfaces inside a cabin. Thanks to this, a car will look new both outside and inside. Even though you won't polish with wax too often.

The effect of Opti Coat SiC is best when applied to a new car as soon as you pick it up from the dealership. But even if your car is not the first year on a road, protective coating will noticeably refresh its appearance and will allow you to do without painting and abrasive polishing for at least two more years. Because the SiC layer from 0.7 microns to 1.5 microns effectively fills microdamage and lays down perfectly evenly. After the procedure of applying the product, the body shines as if the car had just been removed from the assembly line.

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How Opti - Coat Pro by Optimum Polymer Technologies works

Opti - Coat is a liquid product that, when in contact with air, quickly binds to the surface and hardens. You need to work with it very quickly and it is better to do it in a workshop, where conditions allow you to organize a correct spotlighting at different angles, and it is also possible to use equipment to evenly distribute the composition over a surface and comply with restrictions on the thickness of the layer.

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When solidified, Opti - Coat at a molecular level is built into a strong nanolattice, which forms a protective shell on a treated surface. The paint-and-lacquer layer, covered with such a shell, is reliably protected from mechanical and atmospheric influences. And due to SiC particles, which are also part of the reflective characteristics of treated surfaces are improved, the coating itself is not visible, but a body shines like new.

For best results, surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned of everything before processing: dirt, dust, traces of corrosion, oil, and wax polishes. Depending on what kind of dirt and coatings are on a body and wheels, a service center uses specialized chemical agents to remove everything that can affect the ideal adhesion of Opti- Coat to the surface.

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In the line of products from the same manufacturer Optimum Polymer Technologies, there is Optimum Hyperseal, which can be used as a drying aid few hours after the Opti - Coat protective layer has dried.

● SiC Opti - Coat Ceramic coating protection gives a spectacular shine and glosses visible not only in sunny weather

● Water-repellent and oil-resistant components protect the paint from oil stains and corrosion spots in places of microdamage

● Anti-calcium impurities help to forget about problems of unpleasant calcium stains and water stains.

● SiC coat particles fill microdamage and smooth out imperfections of a body coating that are invisible to the eye, forming a perfectly smooth coating to which dirt does not stick

Most importantly, after hardening, the SiC component Ceramic Coating Opti-Coat cannot be wiped off with alkaline detergents, when you wash your car. And then it lasts up to 7 years, depending on the operating conditions of a car.

Opti-Coat by Optimum Polymer Technologies - Real car care

In a sense, Opti-Coat is considered a way to take care of a car for those who are always busy and do not have free time. The fact is that among analogs, ceramic coating cquartz or liquid glass is the easy to use and maintenance solution. All others need to be regularly updated, and this is an additional cost of both money and time. In the case of Opti - Coat maintenance of the car becomes much easier.

RDI Detailing in Vancouver / Richmond - provides comprehensive services for protecting your car's coatings by applying Opti - Coat Silicone carbide coating and using other products from the line for a better and

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longer-lasting effect from the procedure. With a protective coating, it will be worry free about bird droppings and other environmental impacts! The 9H ceramic coating layer will save you from the consequences and eliminate the need to renew the paintwork too often. It is difficult to find something one better for the same money, besides, we provide a guarantee for the result and give comprehensive recommendations for careful car maintenance after the procedure.

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