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Tesla paint issues at factory / 3 step Paint Correction Vancouver BC

Tesla 3 step Paint Correction Vancouver BC
Paint Correction Vancouver BC

We walk around of a brand new Tesla Model 3 today and highlighting the various paint defects were found. Before paint correction was done we washed and clay-barred the vehicle. It's only have been driven from the Tesla delivery to our shop RDI Detailing

Several sanding marks were found on 2 front doors and left front fender. 3 step paint correction and polishing were done on this brand new Tesla. We have used Opti - Coat Hyper compound to remover the swirl and factory sanding marks. The best option for us to save the paint, was using Optimum intensive polish system to get the paint correction done right.

Headlights and Front bumper were protected with Xpel PPF, Paint film protection that will last for years.

90% of our Tesla clients choose Full front PPF protection Xpel, SunTek or Hexis BodyFence and Opti Coat Pro or Pro Plus Ceramic coating has been applied on the top.

Paint Correction Vancouver BC

Let us know if you have any questions regarding to your Tesla paint / clear coat.

At RDI Detailing Vancouver centre we offer variety of services:

+ Paint Film Protection,

+Paint correction

+Opti - Coat Ceramic coating,

+Window Tint

+Vinyl wrap,

+ De-chrome / chrome delete

+ Auto detailing

+Dent repair

RDI Detailing inc

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