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Best Ceramic Coating Vancouver Bc

RDI studio offers car owners the best ceramic coating. With us, you can order detailing and apply a ceramic coating to your car. The ceramic will protect the car from scratches and cracks. Your vehicle will retain its appearance for up to 9 years. Our company employs experienced and certified craftsmen. We operate in Vancouver, Richmond, Langley and Surrey. We use high-quality car surface protection products from the Opti-Coat and Gtechniq lines.

The cost of Paint Protection Film

The cost of Ceramic Coating

Experienced craftsmen will polish your car and apply four layers of ceramics:

● Two layers with a hardness of 10H

● Two layers of a hydrophobic coating

Choose only the best ceramic coating for your car.

The high-quality ceramic coating does the following:

● Has a moisture-repellent effect

● Protects the vehicle against exposure to reagents

● Increases the mechanical resistance of the car to wear

● Protects it against dust

● Makes the auto resistant to UV radiation

In our work, we use only the best premium ceramic coating options.

What Is Ceramic CoatingCeramic Coating Vancouver Bc

Ceramic coating for cars is a coating with high elasticity. The nanoparticles that this composition contains fill in all the irregularities and microcracks. Modern car service stations use different versions of ceramic coating, depending on the type of car.

Ceramic coating is a great alternative to wax and other options for treating the car's surface. With it, you can strengthen the polishing effect. It does not only protect the car but also improves its visual characteristics.

Ceramic coating is a combination of two main components: polymers and quartz. Natural minerals are also added to it to increase the strength of the coating. To create an antistatic effect, organic solvents are added to some compounds.

Additional components are titanium dioxide, surfactants and aluminum oxide. These substances make the surface shiny and radiant. The main advantage of the composition is its non-responsiveness to other agents that are used to wash cars.

In Which Cases We Do Not Recommend Applying Ceramics

The specialists of our service can cope even with the most difficult cases and restore the original shine of the car. The products fail to deliver the result only in two cases: if the bumper was damaged by a large stone or dents formed on it from the impact of gravel and other objects at high speed. In such a situation, you need to restore the coating first and then apply a protective layer.


We use the Opti-Coat PRO car protection package. These products provide a pronounced shine and smoothness while maintaining the chemical structure of the composition of the well-known Ultimate protective product line.

The new and improved formula does not only give a shine to the car but also protects it from cracks, scratches and dirt. The main advantage of Opti-Coat PRO is the fact that it prevents the formation of stains on the hood due to its hydrophobic properties. It is enough to carry out a single treatment to maintain the perfect cleanness and quality of the car's finish for a long time.

What is the Opti-Coat PRO ceramic coating for cars? Ceramic wax, which has long been used for treating car surfaces, is an excellent protection for the paint layer. The main feature of these products consists in the following: they create a barrier that protects cars from the aggressive environmental impact. However, in order for the effect to last for a long time, the coating must be renewed.

Ceramic nano-coating is a modern option. This product includes nano-particles and is used during car repair. It serves as a perfect alternative to wax coatings. Just one layer of the product adds +27% to the brightness and shine.

Ceramic nano-coating firmly rests on the paint. Frequent washing does not destroy or erase it. This technology was developed quite a long time ago, back in 1980. But it has gained wide popularity only now after the methods of applying nanoceramics have been improved. The size of the nanoparticles in the composition of the product does not exceed 100 nm. Thanks to this, the surface of the car is better protected than when being treated with other types of products. The prefix "nano" has nothing to do with the thickness of the layer — it characterizes a feature of the ceramic structure. One layer of nanoceramics is almost 100 times thicker than ordinary wax.

We use the Opti-Coat PRO product, which has a 7-year guarantee. This coating provides more shine for cars and guarantees strong protection against scratches.

Opti-Coat PRO features:

● A high level of protection for car paintwork

● An enhanced formula that gives shine

● Strong hydrophobic properties

● Long-term impact

Complex for a New Car

After you have purchased a new car, you should apply the best ceramic coating to it. This complex is suitable for cars with a mileage of up to 2000 km.

The complex includes:

● Preparatory work – body washing and degreasing

● Polishing the car with a paste without abrasives

● Applying 10H ceramics in four layers

● Applying a single layer of Top-Coat

The average durability of the coating is 7 years. If a hydrophobic coating is applied, it will last up to 9 years. We will apply only the best ceramic coating to the car.

What is 10H Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra

A protective solution with an index of 10H has the most effective characteristics on the hardness scale. The strength indicators were measured using the Mohs and Wolf Wilborn scales. The results of both tests showed that the average hardness of a standard paint coating for a car is 4H. Coatings with an index of 10H give good protection.

The Complex of Restoration Works

Cars with high mileage often look far from perfect and need to be restored. We use different brands of ceramic coatings. We apply protective products in difficult cases when cracks and deep scratches are clearly noticeable on the car.

These are the stages of restoration work:

● Preparation of the body (includes washing and degreasing with special tools)

● 3-stage polishing: using coarse, soft and abrasive paste

● Applying one layer of the best 10H ceramic coating to the car

● Applying a Top-Coat layer

If your car has lost its original appearance, feel free to contact us. We will select an optimal ceramic coating for it. A professional will treat the auto's surface, filling in all cracks and chips.

Why Do We Use the Opti-Coat Pro and Gtechniq Product Lines

The line of Opti-Coat professional products for cars was developed by the popular American company Optimum Polymer Technologies. Unlike pseudo-ceramics, the main active component of which is Sio2, the OPT body treatment products are made on the basis of silicon carbide, SIC. These are high-quality elements that provide reliable protection of coatings. In automobile construction, silicon carbide is also used to build sports cars.

Features and benefits of Opti-Coat:

● The varnish is strengthened from the inside, due to the interaction of its components. Thanks to this, films do not form on the surface. These films could be easily washed off with water or other substances with an active chemical formula.

● Opti-Coat crystallizes when it interacts with the varnish. For the entire warranty period, the product remains inside the coating. It does not wash out and does not require additional layers.

● It is not responsive to acids and alkalis. This feature is especially pronounced with the products from the expanded and updated Opti-Coat Pro line. These solutions have the highest level of protection and their levels of acid-base balance vary between 0 and 14 pH.

To make the right choice between the two options, Opti-Coat PRO and Opti-Coat Pro+, study these comparative data.

Ceramic Coating Vancouver BC
Ceramic Coating Vancouver

After studying the characteristics of the two types of products, you may notice that the Pro one has better specifications. However, both options are excellent for protecting cars from various negative factors.

Pros and Cons

When choosing the best ceramic coating for a car on the market, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of different types of coatings.

Advantages of ceramic coating:

● The car looks new. It gets a shine, brilliance and a mirror effect.

● Its color becomes rich and deep.

● The nanoceramic coating that we use has hydrophobic properties. It repels not only water from the surface of the car but also dirt and dust. It is enough to use a microfiber cloth to quickly wipe the dirt off the hood – no washing is required.

● When applying a protective film on the car, you need to disassemble its parts — but you do not need to do it when using a ceramic coating.

● The coating gives the vehicle anti-corrosion properties.

● It protects the car body from reagents: salt and gasoline as well as bird droppings and precipitation.

● To care for the car, it is enough to use a simple cleansing shampoo.

In our company, car owners can get premium-class service at an affordable price.

We use only proven brands of ceramic coatings, complete with high-quality products. The coating applies to the car easily and dries quickly. You can use the vehicle within a few hours after the treatment.


● If you need to drive in extreme conditions, you should choose the most reliable brands of ceramic coatings. Otherwise, you can use other, more effective options for protecting the car. You can add high-hardness protective products to the paint.

● It is not enough to apply only the coating to eliminate dents and large chips.

Avoid applying a ceramic coating with your own hands – there might be bad consequences. We will use only the best ceramic coating for your car. We will select the appropriate composition to protect your auto from dirt and UV rays.

Why Do I Need Ceramics for My Car?

The ceramic coating does not only renew the looks of the car but also protects it from aggressive environmental factors.

The car becomes resistant to reagents that are used on the roads in the winter season.

Applications of Ceramics

Our service has everything your car needs. You can get high-quality surface treatment and protection for up to 9 years. One can of ceramic coating can be applied to any part of the car.

We process the following parts of the auto:

● Body. The product, which is available, provides protection for up to 9 years.

● Glass. The product allows you to protect the glass from drops. The effect persists for up to 6 months. The product is easy to use and can be applied even in difficult cases — for example, if there is a scratch on the window.

● Leather covers and interior details. The treatment enables you to update the color and improve the tactile sensations.

● Wheel rim. Not everyone knows that the coating provides good protection from brake dust. It preserves the appearance of not only the wheels but the whole vehicle.

We guarantee that you will be thrilled to see your car after the maintenance. You might think it is brand new! The ceramic coating provides protection and refreshes the appearance of the vehicle. Car paint is too unsophisticated and quickly peels off, which degrades the appearance of the auto. Paints and lacquers provide certain protection — but such means are not too effective in most cases. To get a 100% result, we recommend using not only ceramic coatings but also other types of protective products for cars.

Ceramic particles penetrate all the small cracks on the surface of the auto and fill them in. Due to this, the layer of the applied coating merges with the existing paint coating on the vehicle.

Which is Better – Wax or Ceramic?

Many car owners ask whether ceramics are better than wax and whether there is any difference at all. This question is definitely worth answering before choosing a vehicle care option. For a long time, car wax was the only means that car owners used to protect the paint and coating from scratches. However, manufacturers have released several car care products, including a transparent coating. Before choosing a wax or spray, you need to understand the characteristics of a quality product.

Advantages of ceramics over wax:

● Ceramic treatment allows you to restore the original color of the body. Some damage disappears completely.

● Unlike wax, ceramic gives a longer-lasting effect. You will notice the result of this high-end treatment immediately.

● Specialists use a soft microfiber cloth to apply wax to the car. There are several types of waxes: made of polymers or solvents as well as beeswax. They make the car shine and repel dirt from its surface. The visual effect is comparable to the effect of ceramics but it lasts only for a short time.

You can choose which products our specialist will use to treat your car. You will be able to decide which one you prefer, ceramics or wax.

You can make an appointment at our service by phone or email. The system is genuinely simple: you can view what we offer on our website and select the desired option. Then you submit your application and we send you a notification with the time of your appointment.

Questions and Answers

How do Opti-Coat ceramic coatings differ from any other products that I can find in car dealerships?

The main property that distinguishes Opti-Coat ceramics from any other professional or semi-professional lines is the presence of silicon carbide in the composition. This substance does not leave any film on the car body. At the same time, it 100% absorbs into the varnish and creates a strong and reliable protective coating. On average, the penetration of the varnish to a thickness of up to 5 microns is ensured – this is enough to provide high-quality protection.

Some time after application, the composition completely crystallizes. It persists for several years, it does not wash out and requires no renewal. Other products that do not contain silicon carbide lack similar characteristics.

I recently purchased a new car. Can I contact you to treat its body with Opti-Coat, without polishing the surface?

According to the standards of the technological process, all new cars are polished before applying Opti-Coat. We work in accordance with the rules and we fully comply with the technology, so the answer is no. Without polishing, it is impossible to apply a protective layer. However, you should not be afraid of this process. We carry out anti-hologram polishing, which does not affect the appearance and characteristics of the car in any way.

Do I need to renew the coverage every year?

If you choose Opti-Coat ceramics, then annual renewal is not required for the entire warranty period, which is 5-7 years. You might only need to clean the surface with a scrub in case of complete contamination – this process will take no more than 3 hours.

My car is covered with polyurethane film. Can Opti-Coat provide additional protection to it?

Yes, it can. All the compounds that we use interact perfectly with the polyurethane film.

Ceramic Coating Vancouver BC

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