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Ceramic coating Langley BC and tips for its maintenance

Ceramic coating / car polishing is an innovative procedure that allows you to restore the shine, color saturation, and perfect clear coat for a car. Due to the special components, a composition at the molecular level adheres to a surface of coatings, providing a powerful hydrophobic and antistatic effect, and after complete curing, it becomes hard and resistant to mechanical and chemical attack, unlike wax. Ceramic coating on the car body is quite durable compared to alternative methods of treatment of your paint. After the curing process, composition is hard and resistant to mechanical and chemical attack. After application of a ceramic protective coating, you can use your car without fear of defects in the paintwork.

Ceramic Coating Getechniq Vancouver Maintenance
Ceramic Coating Maintenance

How it works

The powerful hydrophobic properties of this innovative coating does not allow moisture to stay on a surface of the paintwork. Under its own weight and force of wind, droplets left by rain, snow, or other precipitation, roll away, leaving the body clean and smooth. Ceramic coating reduces a likelihood of a body to rust and metal to deteriorate.

Ceramic coating / car polishing is suitable for both new and used cars. In the first case, coating will require prior preparation (except for professional washing and drying); in the second case, you will most likely have to restore the bodywork first / paint correction, and only then secure the result with a durable and long-lasting finishing layer. Such "proactive measures" will prolong the life of a ceramic coated car, improve its aesthetic features and also increase its resale value. Polishing followed by ceramic coating is a profitable investment that will allow you to save significantly on a total or partial painting of a vehicle in the future.

Effective ceramic protection is ensured only in case of strict observance of the technology of application and use of a tested and qualitative product. So, it is in a car owner's best interest to prolong the service life of such a coating in as much as possible. Firstly, it saves money and time: professionally applied ceramic on the car can last for many years. Secondly, polishing procedure should not be abused: it is undesirable to perform it too often. Any mechanical treatment of paintwork may cause excessive thinning of varnish. That is why such procedures can be entrusted only to a master with extensive experience. He will be able to estimate an initial condition of the paintwork, to conduct a complex of restoration measures if necessary, and then to ensure long-term and reliable protection of the paint.

Often car owners are worried whether using such paintwork treatment will require a lot of special care, will they be able to use their car in the same way as before? It is important to know that the ceramic coating of a car is fully cured after 12 hours, after which you can drive on your vehicle without any restrictions. Such polishing is not afraid of pressure washing, exposure to chemicals, it is not afraid of minor mechanical effects (branches, sand, dust, etc.).

How to maintain ceramic coating Langley BC

If you spared no expense and decided to protect the paintwork of your car by coating it with "Gtechniq Ceramic coating ", it is a good decision! Now, in order to maintain your car looking flawless for as long as possible, here are our tips for everyday life:

1. First, never use highly alkaline shampoos when washing your car. Do not let the shampoo dry on the body. Strongly acidic products also ruin the finish.

2. Visit proven, quality car washes that offer manual, two- or three-phase washing services. Noncontact shampoos don't wash down all dirt, leaving static on the bodywork, reducing the coating's hydrophobic properties, and scratching the bodywork when wiped dry.

3. Sand is abrasive. If not washed and dried properly, it damages not only the protective coating but also the car's paintwork. We recommend that you regularly come in for professional car care and maintenance services with preservative compounds that regenerate and nourish a paintwork. This will extend the life of the protective coating.

4. Bird droppings, tree resin are extremely aggressive substances with high penetrating properties. Yes, ceramic coating protects the varnish, but you are to not abuse it. It is necessary to remove this kind of dirt from the body as quickly as possible. Otherwise, they are leaving traces on the surface.

5. Try not to leave water droplets and water spots on the surface, especially into the direct sunlight after rain, as this leads to formation of traces of droplets resembling salt stains. Ceramic Coating Langley BC

A harmless droplet in direct sunlight is a magnifying glass, up the effect of the sun and, consequently, the effect of salts, metals, and other impurities in the water.

How to maintain ceramic coating while washing a car

We need to understand that over time 90% of all scratches on the bodywork are caused by friction of cloths and sponges at car washes and while brushing snow in winter, and the rest 10% are scratches from twigs, bird droppings, and other atmospheric nasties.

To avoid this, we have some easy ceramic coating maintenance tips to keep your car in top condition for a very long time.

• Make sure to avoid contact automatic car washes. This is what leads to scratches and scuffs on the bodywork. Talk to non-contact or delicate hand washes.

• Visit a car wash regularly. Wash off all contaminants from the bodywork before they have time to dry and damage a paintwork. If there are bird droppings, insects, tree buds, or tar on bodywork, wash the car as soon as possible. If this is not possible, the droppings should be removed with a damp cloth.

• Get your own wash mitt to dry a body. At many car washes, unscrupulous employees use the same rag to wipe first the sills and then the body, thus scratching the car.

• It is strictly forbidden to rub the body. If the dirt does not disappear after washing the car, it can only be removed without a trace by polishing. DO NOT use hard brushes, plastic scrapers, bank cards, fingernails, etc. because of high risk of damaging the paintwork with them, and do not remove any dirt by hand. If you have to use anything then use a microfiber.

• Do not use solvents to remove heavy soiling (tar, bitumen, wood buds) because the varnish will be wiped off along with dirt.

• You need to protect your vehicle. Regularly renew hydrophobic layers of protective coating (at least one time every 24 months). Clean off any encrusted dirt and refresh the protective coating before applying a new coating.

Following all these simple tips, your polished car will always delight you with its perfect appearance, as well as strongly stand out from the city stream.

To maintain a coating, for about 14 days after the application you can not wash your car, as the coating is not fully cured and formed. Manufacturers recommend avoiding car washing during the first 3-4 weeks. This recommendation is explained by the fact that proper 90% of protective properties are taken almost immediately, in the first 12 hours. Still, the rest 10% within 30 days, and washing or rinse may damage it.

After 30 days after application of the ceramic coating goes by, you do care for a car as usual. For best results, you should use a two-step wash: a combination of touch-free washing and gentle washing of the car body with a soft sponge with a special solution.


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