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Ceramic Coating Richmond BC

Why do I need to polish my car and is it worth doing?

We offer variety of Paint protection services in Richmond BC

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Taking into account the importance of this procedure, you should carefully choose the specialists whom you will entrust with polishing your car. Our service relies on an innovative method of covering the car body with materials that provide ideal aesthetic performance and reliable protection of lacquered parts. By contacting RDI Detailing, you can be sure that the car body will be polished by experienced professionals. At the same time, you should understand that polishing and ceramic coating are two procedures that should be performed together. If the car is only polished but not protected, the coating will be more subject to various external influences.


The benefits of this service are not limited to improving the aesthetic qualities of the vehicle.

Probably, you genuinely love your car and take good care of it. But this does not provide you with 100% insurance against common problems. The following substances might degrade the looks of your vehicle.

  • Birds droppings

  • Tree resin

  • Foreign paint

  • And so on

Restorative polishing of the car body in our service will help to eliminate these problems. The scratch that appears on the car is an open entrance for rust, which can destroy the material prematurely. Only experienced specialists can efficiently remove scratches from the car. Professional polishing of the car body in our garage will enable you to forget about the problem.

The use of durable modern ceramic coatings, such as Gtechniq 10H or Opti Coat PRO 9H, reduces the risk of defects on the car body. Also, it reliably protects your favorite car from accidental damage.

Every car needs regular polishing. Let's say that you store your car in perfect conditions and you are a wonderful driver who does not allow unforeseen situations. But you will also need to polish the car body. Most likely, you frequently clean your vehicle in professional car washes. Non-contact methods of cleaning the surface do not exclude the appearance of scratches on the car — and they also destroy the beauty of the paintwork.

Chemical agents might have the following impact:

  • Reduce the color brightness

  • Reduce the protective properties of coatings

  • Cause peeling of materials

Professional polishing of the car body allows you to eliminate these problems and retrieve the original appearance of the car. This procedure will completely restore the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle. But the main advantage of polishing the car body is to provide reliable protection from external influences.

This procedure allows you to get rid of small defects and ensure an attractive appearance of the car.

Applying a strong ceramic layer allows you to protect the body from accidental damage and scratches. It will help you to extend the service life of the metal elements of the car by 60%.


High-quality polishing of scratches on the car body enables you to achieve the following goals:

  • Restore the prestigious appearance of the car

  • Retain the attractiveness of paint coatings

  • Extend the service life of the car body

  • Help with pre-sale preparation, increase the cost of the car and create the illusion of a new body

After the polishing, it will be difficult to determine the mileage of your car by eye.

The removal of scratches on the car in RDI Detailing 1035-12471 Horseshoe Way, Richmond, BC V7A4X6 is carried out by experienced and qualified craftsmen. They are well versed in the nuances of coatings. Japanese cars have a thinner and softer layer of varnish, so rough exposure is not recommended for them. German and Swedish cars have a rougher and thicker coat of varnish, so one can apply any type of treatment on them and there are more opportunities there. Polishing of car scratches in RDI Detailing is carried out at the appropriate level. We use only proven and reliable tools and materials in our work.

There are 3 types of polishing.

  1. Light-touch anti-hologram. It is performed with the most fine-grained paste, which helps to restore the shine but does not remove scratches.

  2. Soft polishing. The car already has a certain mileage — but in fact, it is still new and the driver has been using it for just about six months. In this case, a medium-grained and anti-hologram paste is used.

  3. Abrasive polishing. For this type of procedure, coarse-grained or medium-grained pastes and anti-hologram processing are used. This helps to achieve maximum shine as well as remove deep scratches and so-called prisms or holograms (they are highlighted on the dark colors of the car in the bright sun). A significant layer of varnish will be removed from the paint.

The main advantage of our service is the use of innovative materials and the latest technologies. Our craftsmen use only proven and reliable coatings from well-known manufacturers. A layer of ceramic coating completely covers the body, filling in the smallest cracks and providing a perfectly smooth surface. This protects the car and makes it look luxurious. After polishing, we suggest installing Paint Protection Film to fully protect your car in rainy Vancouver! We work with the best Paint Protection Film manufacturers such as Expel or Suntek. Installing Paint Protection Film at the final stage allows you to create the perfect "armor" that will reliably protect your car from damage.

We are certified and contracted to use Gtechniq for our automotive ceramic coating service in the Richmond BC area.

RDI Detailing is our flagship service. The material used for our ceramic clear coat is a high calibre, polymer mix that requires specialized training to prevent damage to your vehicle during, and after its application.

After a thorough cleaning and polishing of your car, it goes on with careful, manual precision to ensure each layer (with its pressure, heat and thickness) is applied correctly. The end result is a clear paint sealant on your car bringing out the shine of the colour underneath it.

Your vehicle will look brand new again, and stay that way for years (with regular touch ups, of course).

Due to the intense detail required for its application, the Gtechniq line of products is only sold to qualified auto detailing shops. Less than a handful in Vancouver BC offer it.

What can't a ceramic coating do?

Car ceramic coating does not mask imperfections in paint. If it is applied to a surface with scratches, they“ll keep visible and cannot be removed, because paint can no longer be changed underneath the "ceramic" layer. For this reason, a protective composition must be applied to a new or restored surface with an abrasive polish. (paint correction)

Liquid ceramic coating cannot completely eliminate scratches and chips from the car body during operation. Scratch resistance is often overestimated. It will protect against the appearance of swirl marks, but it will not protect against more serious scratches and chips created by an exterior force.

Improper washing can still scratch the surface. It cannot be considered a substitute for more reliable protection against chips that the protective clear film provides, even in a professional hand. Stone will bounce off and may leave a mark on a film, but not on a body.

It is not able to completely eliminate the formation of traces from dried water on paint. So, water usually contains some amount of salts, impurities and minerals. After it has evaporated, all of the salts and contaminants remain on the body in a form of visible traces. Most of the water does slide and roll off the body, but a percentage of the water is retained and leaves traces as it evaporates.

Regular car washing! Even if the car is ceramic coated, it cannot be ruled out for your vehicle. Your car will still be able to get dirty, but dirt and clay will not stick to a surface too much. Washing becomes easier and no further waxing of the body is required, but still needs to be regularly maintained.

A big feature of ceramic protection is the importance of preparing the surface before applying it. This will determine further life of protection. Preparation and application procedure will be detailed in the article below.

What is the main disadvantage of ceramic vehicle coating?

This is not a disadvantage, but rather a peculiarity, that can only be known to those who read anything detailing the ceramic coating process. Since it is still possible to scratch a ceramic surface, sooner or later, scratches may appear on it for various reasons. Not as many as on an unprotected or near waxed surface, but they will. These scratches will be impossible to remove by polishing, such as on a normal clear coat. The only way to remove scratches from paint is to remove the old ceramic layer and apply a new one. Considering its price, this is not easy to do. It requires an abrasive surface treatment that, along with ceramic paint coating, will also remove a small amount of the original paintwork. For example, if the car is wax or DON treated, it can be refinished at any time. This can easily be done in certain areas that require it. If you cannot do this with a ceramic layer, it’s because it is a permanent, long-term layer that has a strong bond with the paintwork.

A few scratches that appear during this period will remain on the car until you have decided to completely remove a "ceramic" and re-apply a new one. Manufacturers solve this problem with an additional down layer of polish that requires periodic renewal. This can be called a disadvantage, but for me, it is not. So people who believed in the miracle of "ceramics" and decided to "apply and forget" may be disappointed, but not us. It requires a certain amount of care.

The ceramic coating of the car body has the following features:

  • Forms an attractive gloss, making the original color more saturated

  • Prevents dust, resins and reagents from adhering to the paintwork

  • Deters the wear of the paintwork as long as it is present on the metal surface

The auto becomes capable of self-cleansing. Its body will stay clean longer, as drops of moisture will flow down the surface instead of drying up in random places.

To cover the car body with a ceramic coating, you should take it to a detailing center equipped with all the necessary facilities for convenient and safe interaction with the vehicle. RDI products have been tested by time and cars that belong to numerous clients of our studio. We're sure you'll be satisfied with the result.

What affects the cost of the composition?

The basic components of the composition are titanium, aluminum and silicon oxides. Titanium microparticles fill in the small rough spots and make the surface shine like a mirror. Thanks to the shine of the glossy film, the car keeps looking like a new one for a long time. Due to the small particle size, the alternative name of this technology is nano ceramic coating for autos. Titanium dioxide makes the protective layer harder: in the best formulations, the concentration of titanium dioxide reaches 30%.

Silicic acid D5 ensures a strong adhesion of the protective composition with the paintwork. Aluminum oxide binds all the components together. This element contributes to the uniform distribution and growth of crystals during the final solidification which takes 2-3 weeks.

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