Ceramic coating Richmond

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

We are certified and contracted to use OPTI-COAT PRO Plus, OPTI-COAT PRO and OPTI-Metal for our automotive ceramic coating service in the Richmond area.

RDI Detailing is our flagship service. The material used for our ceramic clear coat is a high calibre, polymer mix that requires specialized training to prevent damage to your vehicle during, and after its application.

After a thorough cleaning and polishing of your car, it goes on with careful, manual precision to ensure each layer (with its pressure, heat and thickness) is applied correctly. The end result is a clear paint sealant on your car bringing out the shine of the colour underneath it.

Your vehicle will look brand new again, and stay that way for years (with regular touch ups, of course).

Due to the intense detail required for its application, the OPTI-COAT line of products is only sold to qualified auto detailing shops. Less than a handful in Vancouver offer it.

At RDI Detailing Richmond centre we offer variety of services:

+ Paint Film Protection,

+Paint correction

+Opti - Coat Ceramic coating,

+Nano coating paint protection

+Window Tint

+Vinyl wrap,

+ De-chrome / chrome delete

+ Auto detailing

+Dent repair

RDI Detailing inc


Roman / General manager


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