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Ceramic coating for the car is the best modern protection that is applied to the surface of the body. What is it for, what is ceramic coating price, and what benefits does the car owner get when he chooses nano-coating?

Ceramic coating is a special compound that consists of a lot of ultra-small components that have been heat-treated. These components provide very high adhesion at the molecular level to the surface of bodywork. The nano-particals layer adheres tightly to the car paintwork and reliably protects it from a wide range of damages.

Benefits of Ceramic Protection

Despite the high price of coating, it performs a double task at once: it protects a car from damage and is able to give it a stylish appearance. Let us list main advantages of such a coating:

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Ceramic coating is protecting the paintwork against corrosion:

Rust is one of the main enemies of car owners. Often, when small chips appear on the body, rust appears with them. Over time, it begins to grow, occupying more and more of the car's surface. Ceramic has to protect your car from corrosion for several years - no rust or paintwork damage.

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Water repellency:

This hydrophobic property of ceramic coating is also called - "lotus effect". When water droplets hit the vehicle coated with ceramics, they are not retained, but simply roll away. Thus, together with drops that leaves dust and dirt - there is a natural car micro cleaning. Certainly, it does not cancel the necessity of regular car wash. But with ceramic protection, such trips will become less frequent, so car ceramic coating cost will save money in the future.

Bright colors and shine:

Although ceramic coating itself is transparent, it makes the color of your vehicle brighter, deeper, and more saturated. The price of ceramic coating is worth it, paint becomes shiny thanks to the dewdrop effect - sun rays that fall on your car begin to refract even before they come into contact with the surface. That's why a car protected with Gtechniq ceramic coating is going to be shiny for up to 9 years.


"Anti-graffiti" effect:

Unfortunately, there are still many who like to leave memorable drawings on other people's cars. But with ceramics, it is not a problem - with such a coating of the paint can be easily washed off with plain water.


Disadvantage is the ceramic coating price.


In addition to what I had mentioned above, the functionality is increased by the silicon solvent (to protect against static discharges), components to protect against water and temperature fluctuations, titanium dioxide (to increase gloss). Compounds with titanium dioxide acquire the prefix "nano" to their name and are called nanoceramics. Cost of such ceramic coating for a car is mostly the same.


Despite the fact that a car coated with ceramics requires less frequent washing, it is still necessary to wash it periodically. For longer life, you will need to use special detergents, and you should order a three-phase cleaning service at car washes. Qualified professionals and specialists will clean a car without damaging ceramic coating. Try to remember, not every car wash is suitable for cars with a ceramic coating, so you can not use the first one you see.

Nano-coating protection.

The car that is protected with ceramic coating is less likely to be dirty, and scratched from grains of sand and insects. Ceramics cannot protect from more serious scratches and chips. They do not have the same characteristics Xpel Paint Protection Film does.

Having an affordable ceramic coating price, body protective coating is rarely applied at home, the reason to get it is following factors:

  • Complicated preparatory stage. It is very difficult to prepare the car at home, it is better to use the high-quality service;

  • Difficulty of application and exposure time. All of the composition is applied in several layers with special equipment and materials, respectively, and dries for more than a day;

  • Special conditions are required for a quality installation. Both for preparation of the paint and for drying the applied composition requires certain values of temperature and humidity.

Our recommendation is to protect the car with nano-ceramic coating or choose Paint Protection Film to protect the paint against rock chips and scratches. Also, external characteristics, protected in this way, a car and increased hydrophobic effect of ceramics, in the season of approaching winter, will distinguish your car among other unprotected cars.

Gtechniq Ceramic Coating Vancouver BC
Gtechniq Ceramic Coating Vancouver BC
Ceramic Coating Vancouver BC
Advantages and price of ceramic coating
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