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Paint Protection Film Vancouver BC

Paint Protection Film +

Ceramic Coating Opti Coat Pro

Ultimate protection by RDI Detailing

7 Years Official Warranty!!!

Before you is your pride and your joy - your new car. Of course, you'll be looking after it. You'll park it further away from other vehicles to avoid dents from their doors. You'll stay clear of the trucks on the road. You'll do your best not to hit the curb, and you will surely drive at a slower speed to avoid accidents. But careful driving and prudent parking won't save your car from one thing that guarantees everyday damage: gravel flying from under the wheels of a vehicle in front of you, road mud, traces of insects and poor-quality washing - all these damage the appearance of your car on a daily basis. Sure, you can buy touch-up paint and try to fix the damage, but it will never give your car the brand-new look it had when you bought it. XPEL and RDI detailing in Vancouver, British Columbia, offers an elegant and advanced solution. XPEL PPF ULTIMATE paint protection film serves as an invisible shield on the surface of your vehicle. The virtually undetectable polyurethane film with TOP

COAT protects the paintwork from any unattractive damage, thereby increasing the resale value of the vehicle too. RDI detailing has vast experience in installing paint protection film on almost all brands of cars, as you may discover on our pages in Facebook and Instagram. Paint Protection Film Vancouver BC

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